I’m Oro Valley Councilmember Josh Nicolson, and I ask for Your Vote to Keep on Representing You

I’m Josh Nicolson, and I’m happy to be running for re-election for the Oro Valley Town Council.

I have lived in Oro Valley for the past 10 years with my wife and 2 daughters. We live in the Canada Hills neighborhood and are active in our schools and the community. I’m an air traffic controller and a businessman. For the past 4 years on council, I have had the opportunity to serve with the Chamber of Commerce, the Budget and Finance Commission, and Visit Tucson.

I enjoy meeting and working with residents and helping come up with solutions that help the community, and I would like to continue this service. I feel like we are making a difference in the quality of life of today’s residents, future residents, and for my daughters 50 years from now.

Oro Valley is in great shape financially, with a paid off police pension that is going to save us up to 30 million dollars, and an ending fund balance in the general fund this year that is double our 25% reserve policy. The police pension was a large focus of mine and I’m thrilled to be able to ensure our officer’s and our Town’s safe financial future. Paying that off helped us afford giving our deserving officers a raise to make them the best paid in Southern Arizona. This is going to help us recruit and retain the best.

The elephant in the room is that we can ruin the best town in Arizona with runaway growth that serves developers and not residents. That is why all four of us are self-funding our campaigns. We have made and will make land use decisions without developer contributor influence.

I would appreciate your vote to continue growing Oro Valley responsibly and ensuring our financial future. Thank you! Josh